We thank you for your high quality submissions

Participants at the DGPPN Congress had the opportunity to make their own scientific contributions to the programme. Submission deadlines for this year’s congress have already passed. We thank all authors for their active involvement.

Information for speakers and chairs

You can find your commitments in the Congress Portal.

If you are unable to fulfil your commitments, please inform the congress and exhibition office: dgppn@mcon-mannheim.de. Please name a replacement, if possible.

Submitting your presentation at the congress

Windows 7 notebooks with MS Office 2016 are available for all speakers at the media desk where they can review, rework and submit their presentations. Each auditorium will also be equipped with a congress laptop with the same configuration, software and hardware as at the media desk.

It is, unfortunately, not possible for you to use your own notebooks for the presentation in the hall and presentations in the auditorium.

The following media are accepted at the media desk: Windows-compatible formatted USB memory sticks and USB hard drives. There is also the possibility, if required, to download your presentations via the internet if they have been saved.

The following presentation formats are permitted: MS PowerPoint (up to MS Office 2016), Adobe PDF, Prezi, film files.

The following presentation formats are not possible: Apple Keynote, amongst others.

Information on presentations:

  • The presentation format is 16:9
  • If you are using fonts in your presentations which are not provided on standard installations of MS Windows 7 and MS Office 2016, these must be saved as embedded fonts in the final version of your presentation.
  • Films in PowerPoint must be saved embedded (as part of the PPTX file). Linked films (usually in older PPT format) should be saved as an external file in the same folder as the PowerPoint file. Please ensure that your films are created with standard Windows 7 Codecs.
  • All current video formats are accepted: e.g. AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV, MPG, WindowsWMV. The optimal video is an H.264 video in MOV or MP4 format.
  • Recommended: Save each of your presentations in its own folder on the storage medium which, for good measure, should also contain all used films as well as further files, which may be linked, such as images, sound files, tables etc.

If you have any technical queries please contact:
ESTENSIS GmbH | Oliver Rosenkranz | or@estensis.de

Media centre
The Media Centre is by the entrance of Hall B of the CityCube Berlin.
We kindly ask all speakers to please submit their presentations a day before the start of their session, if possible, although no later than one hour before the start.

Media centre opening hours:
Tue 26. November 2019 | 18:00–20:00
Wed 27. November 2019 | 07:30–18:00 
Thu 28. November 2019 | 08:00–18:00 
Fri 29. November 2019 | 08:00–18:00 
Sat 30. November 2019 | 08:00–14:00 

Due to organisational and technical reasons, it is, unfortunately, not possible for you to use your own notebooks for the presentation in the hall and presentations in the auditorium.

COI – conflict of interest
All speakers are obliged to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. A corresponding slide should be used for this at the start of the presentation. You can find an example of a slide with disclosure criteria and explanations here.

If no conflict of interest exists, please state also this.

Poster presentations
Poster areas have a height of 196 cm and width of 96 cm and should not exceed the DIN A0 vertical format. Material for fixing/attaching posters will be provided. Please bring the classic poster with you. These can be hung up in Hall Helsinki 1/2 from 27. November. We recommend that the posters are hung up by 15:00 on 30. November 2019. Any posters which have not been hung up will be disposed of by the organiser. We are unable to send these on to you.

Speakers will receive an information e-mail with instructions for uploading their posters by mid-October. You are requested to upload your e-posters before the congress and you will receive an invitation e-mail which will contain a registration link for the POSTERWALK portal on which you can submit your poster. After successfully registering, you will be able to upload your e-poster. It will be possible to rework the uploaded poster and replace it on www.app.posterwalk.com until the deadline. No changes will be possible after the deadline.

E-posters must be submitted by 20 November 2019, 23:29 CET

The e-poster terminals are located directly by the poster walls in Hall Helsinki 1/2. Please note the following in the creation of your e-posters:

- Please submit your e-poster as a 1-page pdf document in portrait format.
- File format: PDF
- Poster size in pixels: 1080 width x 1536 height – portrait format
- Poster format in cm: 38.1 width x 54.2 height – portrait format
- Font: ≥16

If you would like your e-poster to include a video please note the following:

- File format: only .pptx
- Video formats: .mp4,.mpg,.avi
- Max. file size: 50 MB
- Max. number: 5 videos
- Sound: not supported

When submitting e-posters with videos, please note that we can only accept PowerPoint files ending .pptx! The following also applies to posters with videos: max. 1 page. All posters with videos will be automatically converted from .pptx to .pdf format although videos can be shown as they are. Hyperlinks, animated images and animations are not possible for e-posters.

You will find a PowerPoint template with pre-set resolution and recommended font sizes in your personal account which will be able to help you. If you have any questions concerning the e-poster system or the uploading process, please contact our Support Team by e-mail on: support@posterwalk.com  

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