Corona changes everything in 2020 - the DGPPN has accepted the challenge and has explored all possibilities for a digital DGPPN Congress 2020 in the last few weeks. Now the most important questions have been clarified in order to translate the heart of the congress into thedigital world and there is good news: From 26 till 28 of November there will be a digital scientific programme with thematic diversity.

We thank you for your high quality submissions

Your contribution in the new concept

The online world is characterized by compact, interactive and participative content. In line with these principles, symposia are scheduled to last 60 minutes this year. These 60 minutes can be designed to be diverse and lively:

  • 3 speakers, each with 15 minutes of talk + 15 minutes of discussion
  • 3 speakers, each with 10 minutes of talk + 30 minutes of discussion
  • 4 speakers, each with 10 minutes of talk + 20 minutes of discussion
  • 4 speakers, each with 12 minutes of talk + 12 minutes of discussion

Do you have any questions about the concept of the digital DGPPN Congress 2020? Then please contact the scientific congress secretariat of the DGPPN

Creation and upload of an accepted e-poster

Beginning 21.09.2020, deadline 09.11.2020

Please note that the upload service will be available from 21.09.2020 until 09.11.2020. Submission after this deadline will not be possible. The submitter of the accepted e-poster will receice a link from the company estensis via e-mail.

e-poster – technical requirements:

Please submit your poster in either landscape or portrait orientation.

  • Number of pages: 1
  • File format: .pdf or .pptx
  • Poster format: A3
  • Poster size in mm:
    • Landscape 420 width x 297 height
    • Portrait 297 width x 420 height

Contact details and COI

Please note any conflicts of interest and your e-mail address as a hyperlink on your e-mail.

An e-poster template in powerpoint can be downloaded here. If you have any questions regarding the e-poster system or the upload procedure, please contact our support team directly via

Conflicts of interest
Every speaker and first author of an e-poster is obligated to report about his/her conflict of interest. This also applies to speakers invited to the congress. Each speaker is required to inform his audience about their industry relationships at the beginning of the presentation. The speaker is recommended to use a PowerPoint slide provided by the DGPPN (see

Creation and upload of an accepted symposium

Start 23.09.2020, deadline 02.11.2020

Please visit our presentation portal as soon as possible, which is now available to you:


There you will find an overview of your presentations as well as instructions for the further procedure that is tied to the presentation format (recording, upload, etc.).

Speakers in symposia are asked to record their lecture themselves (self-recording) and upload it via the presentation portal as early as possible, but no later than 02.11.2020. Please be sure to observe the specified lecture duration, which is the maximum duration of your recording. Unfortunately, if your video exceeds this time, the end will not be broadcast.

Information on technical specifications, instructions for self-recording and other guidelines can also be found in the presentation portal when you click on the button for a lecture slot.

If you have any further questions, please contact our technical support at

Technical information on recording presentations

Please ensure that you are using the latest Zoom software on a desktop device (Mac or PC).

Please use the following technical equipment during your recording:

  • computer
  • stable internet connection
  • Headphones and microphone
  • Webcam
  • mouse

Technical requirements for your presentation slides

  • Please make sure to check your presentation for spelling or other errors before recording to avoid delays.
  • Accepted presentation formats are PowerPoint and PDF. If you use a Mac to create your lecture, please note that the lecture may be displayed on a PC if you do not record it yourself. We recommend testing your presentation on a PC beforehand, if necessary. If you use Apple Keynote to create a presentation, please save it as a PDF or as a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Linked videos should be saved as an extra file like the PowerPoint file and uploaded if necessary. Please use standard Windows 10 video formats.
  • The common video formats are supported, e.g. B. * .wmv, * .mpg, * .avi, * .mov, * .mp4
  • To avoid problems with the display of fonts, we recommend using the following, usually widely used fonts: Arial, Courier, Courier New, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, Times, Times New Roman.
  • Presentations that use non-standard Windows 10 or Office 2019 fonts should be saved with the "embedded fonts" option.
  • The recording is in 16: 9 format and will contain your slides, your spoken word and your moving image.
  • There are no size limits for file uploads.

If you have any further questions, please contact our technical support at

Thank you for enriching the DGPPN Congress with your presentation(s)!

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