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Corona changes everything in 2020 - the DGPPN has accepted the challenge and has explored all possibilities for a digital DGPPN Congress 2020 in the last few weeks. Now the most important questions have been clarified in order to translate the heart of the congress into thedigital world and there is good news: From 26 till 28 November there will be a digital scientific programme with thematic diversity.

Topic list

1             Neurocognitive disorders, organic mental disorders, dementia, F0

2             Mental disorders due to psychotropic substances, behavioural addictions, F1

3             Psychotic disorders, F2

4             Affective disorders, F3

5             Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders, F4

6             Eating disorders, sleep disorders and other disorders of category F5

7             Personality disorders, F6

8             Disorders closely related to childhood and adolescence, F7-9

9             Comorbidity of mental and somatic disorders, psychosomatics

10           Gerontopsychiatry

11           Psychiatric emergencies and suicidality

12           Epidemiology, risk factors and cross-disorder mechanisms

13           Brain imaging, neurophysiology, neuropsychology

14           Neurobiology and genetics

15           Diagnostics and classification

16           Psychotherapy

17           Pharmacotherapy

18           Stimulation methods, internet-based interventions and other psychiatric therapies

19           Early intervention, prevention and health promotion

20           Rehabilitation and work

21           Community and social psychiatry

22           Health care research and models

23           Health care policy

24           Forensic psychiatry and assessment

25           Training and further and continuing education

26           Ethics, philosophy and spirituality

27           History and cultural sciences

28           Literature, film, music and mental disorders

29           Psychiatry and society

30           Other topics

Of interest to many occupational groups
Specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy | Specialists in neurology | Specialists in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy | Medical and psychological psychotherapists | Child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychotherapists | Psychologists | General practitioners and doctors of internal medicine | Doctors and psychologists in specialist training | Students | Members of nursing professions, social workers and occupational therapists

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Head of the DGPPN Head Office and Scientific Congress Coordination

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