How to take part in this year's digital congress

Special times require special measures. The DGPPN Congress will take place digitally in 2020. The most important questions and answers can be found here.

When is the programme schedule available? 
You can find the entire scientific programme here. Most sessions will be held in German. You can see the english programme if you choose it on the left side in "topics".

How do I book events? 
By registering for the congress, you have access to all sessions on the three days of the congress, as well as to the video-on-demand offer afterwards.

How can I log in at the start of the congress? 
Registered participants will receive on 23.11. an email with all details about the registration procedure and the personal log-in for the digital congress. 

The programme only starts on 26 November. +++ You can then access the congress platform via the large picture on the homepage +++ 
Log-in requires first name, family name and the booking number.

What are the technical requirements? Do I need a web cam or zoom? 
Easy participation If you take part in the congress without your own lecture, you don't need a webcam or zoom. To participate in the congress you need a stationary PC / laptop / tablet or smartphone, the latest browser version - preferably Google Chrome - and of course access to the Internet. 

We recommend using a laptop or PC for an optimal display of all content. A stable internet connection is required to participate in the digital congress. The best transmission quality without radio frequency interference can be achieved through a wired LAN connection - Closing inactive tabs in the browser can help improve the transmission quality. The browser Internet Explorer is meanwhile outdated and therefore not suitable for participating in the digital congress - If there are problems with the sound, it may be helpful to have headphones on hand and / or to use another browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari).


Participation with a lecture 

Presenters and chairpersons will need a web cam and microphone for recording presentations and the latest version of Zoom for live discussion at the end of the session during the congress. 
Please also note the following tips:

  • Use the quietest possible room, switch off your smartphone to silent / vibration-free and other sources of disturbing noise (e.g. close window, close email programme).
  • Choose a neutral background. Please avoid advertising, pictures or virtual backgrounds as much as possible.
  • Choose a comfortable seating position and set your own camera image so that you can be seen centrally with your whole head and shoulders in the image.
  • Please speak directly towards the microphone and please look into the camera as often as possible.

Are all lectures available after the congress? 
Unfortunately not, because the storage volume required for this would be immense. 

How do I collect ECMECs?
Find more details here

How do I collect CME points? 
If you want to collect CME points, you must watch the programme in the channels on the congress platform on all days of the congress for each time slot (morning/afternoon) scored. The congress was certified with a total of 15 CME points by the Berlin Medical Council (LÄK). The points are awarded every half day. Anyone who has watched at least 3 x 45 minutes in half a day receives 3 points. 6 CME points are awarded for a full day:

  • 26.11.2020: 3 CME
  • 27.11.2020 Vormittag (08:30–12:45 Uhr): 3 CME
  • 27.11.2020 Nachmittag (13:00–18:45 Uhr): 3 CME
  • 28.11.2020 Vormittag (08:30–12:45 Uhr): 3 CME
  • 28.11.2020 Nachmittag (13:00–18:45 Uhr): 3 CME

According to the specifications of the LÄK, the presence of the participants is documented on the digital platform of the DGPPN Congress. Each user receives an ID number in the background, which is used to track their presence. Tracking serves as the basis for awarding CME points.

+++ There are no CME points for participating in industrial symposia or for watching e-posters. +++

How do I get a certificate of attendance? 
The certificate will be available for download some time after the congress in the personal area of ​​the congress portal.

Can I follow the digital congress together with registered colleagues? 
No, because the regulations of the Berlin Medical Association stipulate that a participant can only register for a training event via individual access in order to be able to record their exact presence. For technical reasons, only one person with individual access can sit at a terminal


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