Innovative research for person-centred psychiatry and psychotherapy

We are currently seeing an immense increase in knowledge about the development, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. This progress is putting new demands on professionals, service users and family carers to integrate this knowledge into diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and attitudes.

The associated challenges are specific to psychiatry because no other medical discipline deals so comprehensively and holistically with the affected person and is thereby subject to such strong societal, political and social currents. Vigorous research into mental illness, a widespread disease of the 21st century, is key today and will continue to be so in the coming years.

Where does psychiatry research stand today and how close are we to achieving individualised treatments? What new endpoints can be driving forces for new psychosocial and drug treatments? How can we succeed in strengthening the clinician scientist so that new procedures from the field of basic research are translated as quickly as possible from the laboratory to psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care? What are the opportunities and risks of new, digital options for diagnostics and treatment?

The DGPPN Congress 2019 will address these future-oriented issues under the guiding theme “Innovative research for person-centred psychiatry and psychotherapy”.

Placing a clear focus on the patient means that, to meet the specific needs of people with mental illness, we have to systematically involve both patients and family carers in research. To further improve our understanding of service users’ needs in the future, we must realise the full potential of established and newer disciplines, such as the social neurosciences and psychotherapy research, and combine them into integrative models.

These and other hot topics from psychiatry and psychotherapy will be discussed and closely examined by specialists, service users and family carers at the DGPPN Congress in Berlin at the end of November. You can look forward to a scientific programme in a class of its own, with national and international researchers, experts from the health care sector and renowned figures from politics and society.

We look forward to welcoming you to the DGPPN Congress 2019.

With best regards

Andreas Heinz
President of the DGPPN

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