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From anxiety disorders to obsessive-compulsive disorder: The top-class scientific and further education programme of the DGPPN Congress 2018 offers a comprehensive overview of current and future developments in the field of mental health – with practical insights for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks to its broad range of topics, renowned experts and excellent continuing education opportunities, the DGPPN Congress has established itself as a central forum for the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy. In just four days participants can obtain a comprehensive overview of current developments in psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics. The congress programme will cover all relevant mental illnesses and will put a lot of emphasis on biological and psychotherapeutic topics and topics of social psychiatry. At the same time, health political, societal and cultural issues will also be an important focus. National and international renowned keynote speakers will address fascinating topics in plenary presentations and lectures.

Key topics of the congress

  • The future of care: patient oriented, integrated and interconnected
  • Science and research: new approaches in prevention, diagnostics and treatment
  • Mentally ill refugees: culturally sensitive psychosocial interventions and therapies
  • E-mental health: Chances and risks for patients
  • Understand and support: new impulses in psychotherapy and the value of the relationship

Of interest to many occupational groups
The DGPPN Congress is of interest to the following people: Specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy | Specialists in neurology | Specialists in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy | Medical and psychological psychotherapists | Child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychotherapists | Psychologists | General practitioners and doctors of internal medicine | Doctors and psychologists in specialist training | Students | Members of nursing professions, social workers and occupational therapists

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Head of the DGPPN Head Office and Scientific Congress Coordination

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